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LifeStyles has a history dating back to 1905 when Eric Ansell first started making condoms in Richmond Australia.

Today LifeStyles is a Global leader in the sexual wellness sector, comprising a broad range of condom, personal lubricant and other related products. LifeStyles is the world’s #2 condom company with leading brands such as LifeStyles®, Jissbon®, Manix®, Unimil®, Blowtex® and others, as well as the highly-innovative brand SKYN®.

LifeStyles Healthcare was created on September 1, 2017, when the consortium of Humanwell Healthcare & CITIC Capital purchased the Sexual Wellness division from Ansell.

This is an exciting time to join us. We combine century-long history with the opportunity of a new beginning as a stand-alone company - this means a new way of thinking, the opportunity to explore new horizons and the chance to make a mark in an exciting, fresh business.

We are empowered professionals and we are committed to creating a team of the world’s “best of the best”. Our business foundation is strong, among our values are Integrity and Respect, our people are highly engaged, and we are excited about a new phase in the company history. We have a focus on safety and teamwork - and we want you to join us!

  • Integrity

    Integrity is the foundation of our business. Integrity dictates how we conduct all of our business and how our business behaves corporately and how we behave individually.

  • Inspired

    Inspired indicates that we are here to grow and succeed and to continuously make this great business even better. Inspired indicates a positive, “can-do” mindset for everything we do, encouraging all of us to aim high, always.

  • Passion

    Passion for winning – We want to build a strong company that can serve all stakeholders well, and to do this we will always be passionate and competitive.

  • Harmony

    Harmony - We leverage the great diversity that we have in the Company and encourage robust debate to achieve the best for all parties - when a decision is made, we all work towards the agreed goals.

  • Team Work

    Team Work - We know that collaboration builds stronger companies and we encourage teams working together to create greatness.

  • Entrepreneurialism

    Entrepreneurialism - From the very beginning of our company, an entrepreneurial spirit has flowed in our veins and it is a spirit we value and strive to maintain.

  • Trustworthy

    Trustworthy means being the type of company that all consumers, trading partners and our own employees know to be reputable, reliable and good to deal with and to work for. Importantly, this value is also intended to focus all of us on delivering the best possible service to all external and internal customers and being best-in-class in all areas of our business – from the quality of our products through to the quality of our customer service.

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A view from some of our leaders

Jeyan Heper

Chief Executive Officer at LifeStyles Healthcare, Board Member, Change Maker, Divestiture

Diana Croitoru

HR VP/Senior Director - Chief HR Officer
at LifeStyles Healthcare

Andrea Pavlovicova

Director, Global Innovation & New categories at LifeStyles Healthcare

Marta Toth

Director, Global Marketing Strategy at
LifeStyles Healthcare

Natalia Ryjoukhina

Chief Financial Officer at Lifestyles

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In the past year, LifeStyles has undergone significant change, which has provided the opportunity to redefine the company’s workplace culture. Inspired by the changes occurring at the company, Diana Croitoru joined the team at the start of this transition as Chief HR Officer, excited to put her mark on a blank sheet. Well-versed in the challenges and intricacies of HR transformation, Diana saw the job at LifeStyles as an enticing next step in her career. ‘This is an exciting time to join LifeStyles,’ Diana says. ‘We’re in a period of transformation. The company offers all the best elements of a start-up, but has the experience of history behind it.’

Applicants seem to understand this, with LifeStyles receiving 100 applications on average for every job advertised, regardless of where it is based. ‘There are two equally important things that we look for in a new hire,’ says Diana. ‘They have to be extremely competent because we need good people to reach our goals, and they need to have that integrity that fits with the LifeStyles culture we are trying to cultivate.’ Diana’s ongoing priority is to ensure that LifeStyles’ people are working in an environment where they can contribute their best.

Collaboration is central to LifeStyles’ success, especially when it concerns new products. Andrea Pavlovicova’s role as Global Director of Innovation and New Category Development has her managing multiple relationships to ensure that LifeStyle’s innovations are the best they can be.

Creating sensual wellness products is a process, but worth the reward of seeing the final product on shelves, selling and resonating with consumers. Andrea and her team work a year ahead and do a lot of practical creative work before getting to the final product. ‘With any new product idea, we work with our agency partners and consumers to establish the product definition, the concept of the product and what its consumer benefits are,’ she says. ‘Then, we have all the practical side of development to do.’

This collaborative process is aided by Andrea’s ability to speak six different languages, which has been useful throughout her career, especially in her dealings with agencies and suppliers around the world. ‘As the saying goes, the more languages you speak, the more times you are a person. It certainly helps when you can connect with someone in their own language.’ Andrea’s focus on collaboration is one shared by LifeStyles and allows the company to continue to innovate.

#Innovation is central to the work done at LifeStyles Healthcare and offers our people unique opportunities, like being part of building and shaping a brand from the ground up as was the experience of LifeStyles’ Head of Global Brand Strategy, Marta Toth.

‘Creating a new brand is one of the most fascinating things you can do in marketing, if not the most,’ Marta said, when recently asked about her experience of helping to build SKYN® into the global brand it is today. Although initially hired to manage LifeStyles’ branding and communication in Europe, Marta soon took on board the rare challenge of creating a new brand, which had to translate across markets. The project allowed her to be truly creative, resourceful and a true brand ambassador for the newcomers across the business. ‘SKYN is a brand consumers love, which we definitely get more compliments about than complaints,’ Marta says. ‘Seeing the work that I am doing at LifeStyles bring real happiness to people is the most rewarding part of my job.’

Many different cogs turn to make the LifeStyles machine work—Innovation, Marketing, R&D, Sales, Operations, HR, Legal and Finance all play a critical role.

We recently spoke with our CFO Natalia Ryjoukhina about her position and what it means to work in finance for a company with global presence and big ambitions. Natalia defines her role as helping the business achieve its financial objectives, which means new challenges every day.

The only thing she can be sure of is that she will be interacting with people from all over the world—the finance team alone operates in 8 different countries. ‘If I told you how many countries I visited in a year, it will look like I work for an airline,’ she quips. But Natalia is focused on the company vision of human connection and works hard to ensure that there is great positive connection among her team and with the rest of the organisation.

'I’m often asked about being a female CFO; I don’t understand why that is interesting to people, when we all respect each other and get along, sex, age, race and all the things that appear to make us different, seem to actually be what brings us together.' Natalia’s contribution to LifeStyles is a great example of the #human #connection we value as a company.

Life at Lifestyles

A career at lifestyles is more than the work you do. impact on the community, your personal growth and team members.


At LifeStyles, we pride ourselves on innovation. In fact, it is so important that we have a special room for it. The Ideation Room, based in our Thailand office, is where new product ideas are put forward by the #research and #development and innovation teams.

Whether big or small, all ideas are showcased. Some spark #new products and potential improvements immediately, while others sit in the room for years, waiting for the right time to be implemented or grown. This room, a stimulating exhibition of the innovative thinking at LifeStyles, along with the close collaboration between our teams, is what enables us to launch at least four new products into the global market every year.


Teamwork is an essential part of every work day at LifeStyles. With offices around the world, this teamwork extends across time zones, cultures and even languages. Working very closely with the Chinese team on procurement, supply, innovation and planning, our Thai teams recently expressed an interest in learning Mandarin as a way to create stronger ties with their international colleagues.

Work Place

At LifeStyles, we stay true to our vision of "for the joy of human connection". This means it is important to have joy at our offices across the world. Last week, we inaugurated our new office in Brussels and had wellness activities from massages to healthy celebration buffet. The day brought plenty of smiles and joy to our employees. Special thanks to Ria Vanderstraeten for her visit , insightful interaction on tips regarding an healthy lifestyle and the quiz. Ria is an expert on sports nutrition field. She shared an exciting and mind-opening quiz on building behavioral change towards good intentions.

Employee Stories

Stories from the Lifestyles family members

Ji An Chooi

New Products & New Categories Manager, Global Marketing at LifeStyles Healthcare

I joined the company when it was still Ansell back in 2011. Coming from a technical background, I accepted the position as R & D chemist for the Sexual Wellness GBU. Even as an R&D chemist, I love how dynamic and versatile my role was which led me to experience working with people from various background culture. In 2015, I was offered to relocate from Malaysia to Bangkok and took on a challenge to double hat as Project Manager and Chemist. It was tough leading two roles and staying in a new country, but with the focus and warm hospitality of the team and business, I worked to build a stronger product pipeline with better project delivery. With the divestiture to Lifestyles, I relocated back to Malaysia and accepted another trial to take on a completely new role as Innovation Manager as part of the Global Marketing team. This is a totally new arena as I have never dabbled with Marketing. I am pleased to be working for Lifestyles as it feels like I am always given many opportunities for my personal development.

Austin Chesterfield

Associate Marketing Director - Digital & e.Commece Strategy - at LifeStyles Healthcare

Austin Chesterfield did not begin his career at LifeStyles in digital. In fact, in 2006, when he first joined the company, digital was not yet mainstream and e-commerce was barely a blip on the radar. Now, as the company growth lead in e-commerce, Austin has a fresh set of exciting challenges in front of him. As he says, ‘Digital marketing and e-commerce is in a constant state of change; there’s no better space in marketing to be learning something new each day.’

Austin’s career at LifeStyles has taken him all over the world. Over the years, he has held positions in Australia and Hong Kong and is now settled in Brussels as part of the global SKYN® brand team. ‘I was lucky to get my start at LifeStyles; it is rare for a company, especially of this size, to provide so much opportunity for people to work, live and develop a career around the world.’ Being able to work alongside people from different cultures and backgrounds is part of what gets him going each morning. As Austin puts it, ‘I love being part of a truly global team.’

Rebecca Hill

Senior Manager, New Products & New Categories, Global Marketing at LifeStyles Healthcare

I joined LifeStyles as Sr Project Manager for lubricants and later as Sr Manager within the Global Marketing Innovation team working in our Bangkok, Thailand office. Working closely with the cross-functional project team in Bangkok and our global and regional teams around the world, I have had the opportunity to create new processes to improve our efficiency and strengthen our teamwork.

I also have created strong relationships with our outsource suppliers to benefit our growing business scope. LifeStyles has given me excellent opportunities to fulfil my ideal working environment by providing new opportunities for innovation both in product scope and the ways we work.

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Sexual Wellness is at the heart of the modern world health and LifeStyles is the world’s leading condom company. We envisage a brighter future, founded on an enduring culture of valuing diversity and mutual respect .Be a part of it!


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