annual report

Annual Report Design

When it comes to designing an annual report, presentation is the fundamental key to success. Merging impactful visuals with properly framed narratives, information is delivered quickly and efficiently to give a quick and crisp summary of the company’s previous financial year.



An extensive in house production team well versed in designing collaterals such as fliers, brochures, standees, corporate handouts etc along with tie ups with some of the most outstanding printers in the country ensures that the finished product is smart, sophisticated and always above the client’s expectations.

social media mangment

Social Media Management

Our broad know how with the management and understanding of various social media platforms enables us to produce customised and efficient solutions to enhance customer engagement and reach out to millions of users across multiple social media platforms.

media buying and selling

Media Buying & Selling

Working closely with renowned publications and media houses has given us the ability to tap the right mediums and areas for maximum publicity. Securing the best spot along with the budget accounting for factors like seasons, trends, dates, demographics and such is something we are the best at.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team is well versed in creating flexible solutions, designing smart campaigns and coupled with SEO and SEM services, gives the client the ability to focus on high payoff channels and optimise ROI to enable syncing of online and offline interactions.

web development

Website & SEO

Developing simple, static websites to complex transactional ones, our services encompass the entire gamut. Being well versed in latest technologies like Bootstrapping, CMS, HTML 5, Web 2.0 and its likes has helped our tech team build websites for companies ranging from pharma to automobile majors and e-commerce companies.

outdoor solutions

Outdoor Media Solutions

Having worked with industries like FMCG, Steel, Cement and Energy has helped us understand the media landscape specific to Pan India industries. Devising outdoor strategies based on TG, Demographics, Budgets, Campaign Theme to ensure maximum visibility is something our extensive media team does best.

mobile app adevelopment

Mobile App Development

Today’s world is a ‘smart’ world. Dominated by Apps and technology, it is slowly morphing into an entirely digital world. Brands too are jumping on this trend. Our App Development team’s strength lies in streamlining operations for our clients with our expertise in developing UI/UX that can stand apart in today’s digital clutter.

corporate film production

AV and Corporate Film

At Tetramind, we like to get our hands dirty with all phases of film making, currently, we are dealing with production having previously dealt with explainer videos, corporate videos, sales pitches, marketing presentations, corporate films and such. We tailor make each quote to ensure the right team and equipment is used to make sure that your brand looks good, sounds good and feels good.

expo stall design

Stall Design

A dedicated team of visualisers and architects make perfect use of fit, form, function and space when it comes to designing exhibition stalls which then heads to the production team for execution. Winning the IID Hyderabad Commendation Award for Public Spaces has only boosted our efforts in taking user experience and expo design to the next level.



Creating a lasting impression in the minds of the consumer is the primary goal of any brand or product. Tetramind’s merchandising services helps improve the visibility of the brand in the market which in turn creates a greater recall in the minds of the consumer. Our team ensures that the final product is attractive, suave and elegant to guarantee that the consumer always associates the brand with the product.

package designs

Product Packaging Design

Designing a new package or rebranding an existing one, we have developed our skills to give your product, the perfect design. Careful planning and meticulous execution along with the maintenance of creativity and efficiency ensures that your message gets conveyed to the target audience to get the right response for your product. We have dealt with companies ranging from Medical Products, FMCG, Food, Agriculture and Fertilizer and multitude other industry related packaging design.

3d holography

3D services

One of the most rapidly growing technologies is 3D Holography. With every brand vying to tap into this field, Tetramind hosts an in-house team which specialises in making holograms according to the need and requirement of the client.



Photography to us is the morphing of the mundane into something truly unbelievable. Our expertise in various subjects like food, fashion, event and people helps us project the organization in its best possible form!


Branding and corporate identity

We offer services for branding of a start-up or a new organisation to rebranding an existing organisation and giving it a corporate identity. The complete brand architecture is developed by us including services like creating brand collaterals, corporate stationary, brand manuals and so forth.